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Faith Tucker is a young solo artist who is quickly rising through the ranks in the music industry. Although she is in her early teens the young soprano’s operatic voice astounds audiences and has done so since the beginning of her musical career which saw a young girl starting singing lessons and immediately discovering her life’s calling. 

World Premieres For ‘Original’ Composition, Written By Faith

Faith has recently become a prolific composer and her piece for choir and organ ‘Gloria’ having been chosen to be performed at Derby Cathedral and… Continue reading

Faith To Appear With Many ‘Stars’ From Stage And TV For Jenny Seagrove’s Mane Chance Charity.

Faith will be appearing at The Royal Windsor Theatre alongside many stars including fellow Champions signings, NIKI EVANS and ANDY ABRAHAM.

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Faith Tucker


"Thank you to Champions for providing the services of the beautiful and amazing Soprano Faith Tucker. Faith always gives a 100% performance her beauty and her voice are sublime. We know that one day she is not going to be available for some of these local charity events as she is clearly destined for much bigger things in her career but whilst we have her we feel very privileged indeed. I have seen her perform several times now and each one is without exception a Top Class Performance!"

Laura - Lowesby Hall

“Faith was INCREDIBLE. totally incredible. Super professional, a delight to work with. My Execs loved her, she even made a few of them cry. She was simply wonderful. She’s a very clever girl.”

First Central

“We were really pleased with Faith’s performance on Sunday night. She performed beautifully and with such confidence and was so entertaining to watch. I had a lot of guests comment to my staff how incredible she was and how they would look out for her as a future star. She did a great job and we were really pleased”

Johnson Jewellers

Oh wow! - Faith Tucker, what an amazing voice and stunning personality. She is definitely a 'real rising star' and we so hope she has the hugely successful career she truly deserves.

Sue Coulbeck & Steve Jackson, guest experience management - Warner Leisure Hotels

Faith's charm and genuine public appeal guarantees she is destined for international stardom... Simply Stunning!

David Simms, Editor Nottingham Post

To say Faith is outstanding is an understatement, such an amazing natural talent. Listening to her sing puts you in a trance of operatic adulation.

Leigh Perry, Heart of England Music Academy